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Events and Special Business Allowances


Applicants shall provide a detailed business plan as well as a draft contract between the Town of Carolina Beach and the business owner describing in detail all activities, monies, and other arrangements proposed for review and approval by the town manager. Fees shall be submitted in accordance with the budget ordinance. The following conditions shall apply to all contracts:

 -  Beach service contracts shall be valid for a time specified by Town Council at the end of which the contract shall become null and void.  At the contract holder’s request a new contract may be reviewed by the Town Council for approval as regulated by the town code at that time.  All contracts are nontransferable. 

-   A log of beach service activities shall be maintained stating at a minimum: date, total inventory rented, time started, time stopped.  This log shall be available for inspection by the town manager upon request for contract renewal.  If beach services did not occur on 50% or more of the days between June 1st and August 31st then the contract shall automatically require Town Council review prior to renewal.

 -  Applicants shall acquire and maintain liability insurance naming the Town of Carolina Beach as an additional insured entity for not less than $1,000,000.

 -  Rental chairs and rental umbrellas may be stored on the ocean beach with the approval of the Town Council. The location and the method of storage shall be approved by the town manager. The applicant shall submit a notarized agreement holding the Town of Carolina Beach harmless with regard to any theft, loss, damage or injury as a result of the licensees operation and storage of material on the beach. The storage of product will only be allowed beginning May 1st and ending on September 30th and is subject to other state and federal laws.  The town manager may, at any time and for any reason, suspend the right to store material on the public beach. At the direction of the town manager, the product and all containers associated with the storage shall be removed or moved to another location on the beach strand within twenty-four (24) hours of verbal or written notice.

 -  Applicants shall have access to sufficient space in the commercial district for storage of inventory, equipment, and vehicles used in the beach service operation.

 -  Beach service operators shall not solicit beach patrons verbally or in an aggressive manner to rent items.

 -  Hours of operation shall be limited from sunrise to sunset.