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Make sure your vehicle fits in the parking space...

To address hazardous and unsafe driving conditions, the Town of Carolina Beach will begin enforcing parking regulations in the downtown area that restrict vehicles from parking outside of defined spaces. Signs have been posted and lines have been painted designating which spots have vehicle size restrictions. For example, on Cape Fear Blvd., the 2-hour metered spaces near the intersection with Lake Park Blvd. are now labeledd as “COMPACT CAR ONLY”. Also, the parking spaces on Lake Park Blvd. between Harper Ave. and Cape Fear Blvd. now require that vehicles must fit completely in a space.

What does this mean? Simply put, only vehicles that fit completely within the defined space, front to back, including any accessories and/or hitches, may park in that space. If any part of a vehicle sits outside the define space, parking is not allowed and the owner should look elsewhere for parking.

Also, please note that pulling up onto a sidewalk in order to fit the back end of a vehicle into a parking space is not allowed (and illegal). Again, a vehicle must fit completely in the defined space, front and back. Vehicles parked illegally will be issued a $30 citation.


Remember…if it fits, its legit; over the line, pay the fine.


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