Online sales of PARKING AND GOLF CART PERMITS has been temporarily suspended due to technical issues. Permits can still be purchased at Town Hall at the Water Billing office during normal business hours.  Thank you for your patience while we make improvements!



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Carolina Beach 2014
Homeowners Guide
Construction Permit Tips  

Homeowners thinking about remodeling their home or adding other improvements, such as decks, spas, or masonry walls, many times have a number of questions about building permits. This information listed below helps give homeowners basic knowledge of when construction permits are required in the Town of Carolina Beach. It also answers some of the most frequently asked questions and offers tips from the Building Inspection’s Department. Because each construction project is unique, we invite you to telephone the department at (910) 458-8238 for answers to your specific questions.

What is a Building Permit and Why Do I Need One?
When Do I Need a Building Permit?
When Do I NOT Need a Permit?
Where Do I Get a Building Permit?
What About Zoning?
What if I Don't Get a Building Permit?
What if I Obtained a Permit but Never had an Inspection?
Who is Responsible for Obtaining a Permit?
Who Prepares Plans?
What About a Contractor?
What About Inspections?