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New Business in Previously Built Buildings

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The Town of Carolina Beach Welcomes New Business

An entrepreneurial spirit has always existed in Carolina Beach and has helped to foster a vibrant economy.

Sometimes new businesses want to locate in buildings that were previously occupied by others. While sometimes the new use of the building will match the old use and little is needed to make the change effective, sometimes the use is different or the building is not in compliance with current safety requirements.

This guide is intended to provide an overview of the permitting process for the Town of Carolina Beach for businesses that want to locate in an existing building. It is not exhaustive and is not intended to substitute for the various ordinances, codes and regulations that may be in place.

Much of what the Town is required to enforce is developed by the NC State Building Code.

This guide came about as a desire to provide additional information about business operations and a desire by the Town of Carolina Beach to provide information to businesses within the area and those who might want to open a business in the Town of Carolina Beach.

The Town reacted to some frustration experienced by some entrepreneurs trying to open a new business in an existing building. Much of the issue was traced to a lack of information about the process by the business owner. Many times the Town is enforcing State adopted rules and in each case, the effort has been made to be fair and consistent. The Town has encouraged this guide to help give entrepreneurs who might be unfamiliar with the process some information about what needs to be done.

Much of the guidance provided will be true for New Hanover County and many other jurisdictions in the State, but the main credo of this publication is: Check First.

Town staff are ready to talk with entrepreneurs about their plans and to give them advice about regulations and such. Please consider using this service before you purchase or lease a space for a business in Carolina Beach.

The Town of Carolina Beach welcomes new businesses to the
Town & 
stands ready to provide consultation and guidance.

Carolina Beach Permitting Process
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