Food Disposal

Beginning Monday, September 24th, a Town contractor will be removing debris from the right of ways.  Please place all debris by the side of the road in separate piles:


Vegetative Debris - Limbs, downed trees cut up to manageable lengths

Household and Construction Debris – water or wind damaged mattresses, furniture, boards, sheetrock, shingles, plywood, carpeting, etc.

White Goods – Damaged Refrigerators, Air Conditioners, appliances etc.


Household debris and construction materials that need immediate removal may be taken to one of the four waste dumpsters distributed throughout Town.


Please do not take debris to Dow Road. 


Any spoiled food items can be taken to the 8 food waste disposal locations throughout Town.

Vegetative Debris Disposal

For food in refrigerators and freezers that has spoiled, please dispose of in your Waste Industries cart.  There will also be white food disposal dumpsters staged throughout the town.  If you find that that your cart won’t contain the food, or if it is very spoiled and needs immediate removal, please dispose of at these locations shown on the map.  These locations are:


1. 1708 Canal Drive parking Lot

2. Sandpiper Parking Lot

3. St. Joseph St and Old Theater Parking Lot

4. Canal Drive Parking Lot

5. Third St S and Raleigh Ave-Community Building Parking Lot

6. Woody Hewett and Atlanta Ave-Shell Lot

7. Clarendon Ave and Dow Road S- Mike Chappel Park

8. Alabama Ave Parking Lot


Also, the Town will be removing household waste by the curbside.  However, if you need to dispose of items such as couches, furniture, boards, etc. you can drop off items at 4 disposal points throughout the Town.  Those are located at the following locations:


1708 Canal Drive parking Lot

Sandpiper Parking Lot

Clarendon Ave and Dow Road S- Mike Chappel Park

Alabama Ave Parking Lot

Storm Debris Disposal