Film Permit

film permit

The following guidelines reflect an attempt to balance the needs of filmmakers with those of businesses, residents and the public interest, and to arrive at solutions that are favorable to all.

The attached permit application is required for any filming activity taking place within Carolina Beach town limits.  The application is to be addressed to the Town Manager and a pre-production meeting is required between the Location Manager and the Town Manager, as well as the Police Chief and Public Works Director.

A complete listing of all anticipated locations with tentative dates is requested at this time, so as not to interfere with city services, local events and festivals, or other filming activities of with the location manager may not be aware.  In addition, as the filming continues, a written weekly schedule identifying any special needs, or unique situations will be submitted to the Town Manager. 

An original insurance certificate will also be requested at this time.  All productions are required to maintain public liability insurance policies for filming on location within the Town.  The following amounts are required:
    General Liability Insurance

Automobile Liability Insurance 

             Workman's Comp and Employers Liability
$1,000,000 (naming the Town of Carolina Beach as additional insured)


Thirty days notice is recommended and may be required, as all requests are considered on a first come-first serve basis, and time may be needed to work out any difficulties, town services, or signage issues associated with the planned activities.  The Production Company shall limit the activities and time frame specified in the outlined agreement between the Production Company and Town Manager.

Notification of any and all affected residents and/or businesses should take place following the Town's review of the request, and no less than 5 business days prior to the planned activity.

Traffic Control and Street Closure:
Street closures during business hours are strongly discouraged, especially in the downtown business district.

Requests for street closures or diverting of traffic should be made well in advance to allow for planning of alternate routes and proper signage.  Production companies who wish to detour traffic inside the Town's limits must submit a plan in writing ten working days in advance to the Town Manager and Police Chief.  In addition, traffic control, if needed, must be handled by off-duty police officers hired by the production company through the Town's Police Chief (the fee for off duty police officers is currently $25/hour). The Town retains the right to determine the number of officers needed for traffic control.

No holding of traffic is permitted during morning and/or evening "rush" hours on streets which experience traffic congestions during these times, or on streets affected by school traffic during their opening and closing hours.  Each case will be evaluated individually by the Town Manager, Police Chief, and Director of Public Works. Note-in general, "rush" hours are defined as follows:

 Morning  7:30 am - 9:00 am
 Lunch  12:00 noon - 1:30 pm
Evening 4:30 pm - 6:00 pm
Elementary School 7:30 am-8:30 am and 2:15 pm-3:00 pm

Interruption of traffic on State maintained streets requires additional approval form the North Carolina Department of Transportation.

Special Effects, Explosives, and Similar Devices:
Film activity which involves the use of motor vehicle stunts or crashes, explosives, pyrotechnics, fire, smoke making machines or other special effects of this kind may not be undertaken unless specifically approved in advance by the Town Manager, Fire Chief and Police Chief.

Fees for Town services or facilities will be charged at the current rate (listed in the current year budget book).  The following services will require compensation to the Town:

    1.  Use of Police Officers
    2.  Use of Fire Department for the purpose of extinguishing a fire, filling up a pool or moat, etc.
    3.  Use of Town water
    4.  Use of Public Works personnel
    5.  Renting of parking lot or parking spaces

Other Required Guidelines:
 -All equipment or support vehicles not in immediate use shall be parked so as not to cause any interference to pedestrians or vehicular traffic
-Production vehicles must not block fire hydrants, driveways, or other access ramps unless authorized by the Town Manager and property owner. Ten feet of clearance must be left on either side of affected driveways, unless otherwise authorized.
-Production vehicles must be parked in such a way as not to impeded safe lines of vision at intersections, and be in accordance with all Town ordinances regarding on-street parking.
-Lighting for filming, both during the day and at night, should be oriented away from neighboring residences wherever possible, and should not interfere with the safe movement of traffic .
-Production companies are responsible for vacating locations used with a minimum amount of noise and disruption at the end of each shooting day.
-Production companies blocking or holding traffic on streets scheduled for garbage pickup are responsible for moving trash cans to a location accessible to sanitation vehicles and then returning them to their proper owners.
-Production companies are responsible for returning any public rights of way used for filming to their original condition in a timely manner, and for repairing damage to foliage, grass, or public property.