Annual Budgets

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The Town of Carolina Beach starts its budget process in January and works methodically until its adoption in June  In addition to the routine work involved in preparing a budget, the process at Carolina Beach makes a point of soliciting input/suggestions from employees, Department Heads, Town Manager, Mayor, Town Council, and Citizens.  The Council and staff believe that a high level of involvement aids in establishing practical goals, addressing current community needs, and helps to foster a better understanding of the "big picture" in Carolina Beach so needs can be identified, understood, and addressed in an effective manner. 

Listed below is detailed information about the budget process, as well as copies of approved budgets for the current and previous years:


  • Council sets a public hearing date for February Council Meeting to receive requests from non-profit groups
  • Budget Kickoff Meeting with Department Heads to discuss preliminary budget
  • Manager meets with Finance Director to discuss revenue projections
  • Advertisement in Island Gazette noticing of public hearing in February  


  • First public hearing held to receive budget requests from non-profit groups
  • Council sets a public hearing date for March Council Meeting to give the community the opportunity to voice their needs and concerns for the coming year.
  • First budget workshop with Council to discuss preliminary budget – finance Officer presents revenue estimates for the upcoming year and five year financial projections, and recommends “bottom line” financial goals.
  • Submittal of proposed departmental budgets, including CIP, to town manager


  • Individual department heads meet with Town Manager to review budgets
  • Second public hearing held in order to give the community the opportunity to voice their needs and concerns for the coming year
  • Town Manager meets with department heads to review and select CIP projects
  • Town Council holds second budget workshop to discuss Draft Budget


  • Council sets public hearing date for third public hearing for May Council meeting for proposed budget -Town Council holds third budget workshop
  • Advertisement runs in Island Gazette noticing public of public hearing in May


  • Town Council holds fourth budget workshop
  • Town Council holds third public hearing
  • Manager presents Recommended New FY Budget
  • Town Council holds final budget workshop


  • Adoption of New FY Budget