We are in the business of public service. Our goal is to prevent harm to our citizens who live, work or visit in our community and prevent harm to our environment.

To achieve our mission we value our responsibility to:
Provide a professional standard of service designed to minimize risk to our citizens and their property by caring professionals in a safe, courteous and timely manner;
Risk little to save little: Risk a lot to save a lot;
Empower our staff to take personal ownership of problems and develop solutions within our range of competencies;
Voluntarily serve on committees, serve in community service organizations, or serve in other capacities to fulfill needs of the organization, the community, and the local government to enhance the quality of life in our community;
Engage in programs and objectives involving engineering, education, and enforcement as a preventive measure to emergency response;
Nurture an environment where our staff is dedicated to keeping their minds and bodies attuned to the mental and physical demands associated with our mission;
Teach prevention, self-preservation, and safety skills;

Honor our tradition of service to others above oneself with integrity and honestly in all of our actions;
Acknowledge and respect the perspective and concerns of our citizens;
Render, because we care, value added customer services designed to enhance the quality of life in our community;
Manage available resources to maximize effectiveness and minimize opportunity costs to our citizens;



As a first responder to fires, public safety and medical emergencies, disasters and ocean rescues, Carolina Beach Fire Department protects the lives and property of Carolina Beach residents  and visitors. The Department advances public safety through its fire  prevention, investigation and education programs. The timely delivery of these services enables the Carolina Beach Fire Department to make significant contributions to the safety of Carolina Beach.

Carolina Beach Fire Department is a combination department consisting of paid administrative staff, shift personnel, and volunteer paid per call firefighters. Our duties consist of fire suppression, prevention, medical response, and ocean rescue program. Carolina Beach Fire Department responds to 1000+ calls annually while maintaining an (ISO) insurance rating of three. We strive to offer the best service possible, which includes updating and maintaining of equipment as well as constantly staying on the leading edge of new and improved training techniques. Fire prevention and safety is a 365-day effort, and we strive to accomplish this by not limiting our efforts to only Fire Prevention Week.