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Burning on the Island

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(From Town Ordinance)

Sec. 5-25. Burning.

Prohibited generally. No person, firm or corporation shall burn any trash, papers, rubbish or garbage out of doors within the corporate limits of the town, except as hereinafter provided. Open fires on the beach are prohibited unless by special permit obtained from the town manager.

Burning demolition materials prohibited. No person, firm or corporation shall kindle or maintain any bonfire or rubbish fire of waste materials from construction or demolition of buildings or structures by burning on the premises or in the immediate vicinity.

Burning on private land regulated. No person, firm or corporation shall kindle or maintain any open fire or authorize any such fire to be kindled or maintained on any private land without first having obtained permission from the fire chief. The burning of refuse or materials that smolders or gives off noxious odors is prohibited.

(Ord. No. 94-351, 7-12-94; Ord. No. 01-477, 4-10-01)


For more information please check out the Town of Carolina Beach Ordinance.