Policy and Procedure Manual

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Personnel Policies & Procedures

This policy manual is an overview and summary of the Town’s policies and procedures, which are presently in effect. As policies and benefits are revised, changes will be communicated through standard communication channels. Advanced notice may not always be possible.

The policies and procedures contained in this manual constitute guidelines only. They do not constitute an employment contract, or part of one; nor are they intended to make any commitment to any employee concerning how individual employment action can, should, or will be handled. A supervisor or manager of the Town has no authority whatsoever to make any contrary representations to any employee.

Any questions or requests for further information about any particular guideline in this manual, should be directed to the Human Resources Department.

This policy manual supersedes all previous manuals, letters, memoranda and understandings.

Section A - Introduction to the Personnel Manual
A-1  Manual for Personnel Administration
A-2  Employment at Will
Section B - General Employment Practices
B-1  Merit Principal
B-2  Limitation of the Employment of Relatives
B-3  Recruitment and Selection
B-4  Appointments
B-5  Privacy of Employee Personnel Records
B-6  Inclement Weather
B-7  Political Activity
B-8  Background Checks
B-9  Outside Employment
B-10  Retirement Age
B-11  Separation for Disability
B-12  Resignation
B-13  Reduction in Force
B-14  Reinstatement
B-15 Use of Town Property, Tools, Equipment and Vehicles
B-16  Telecommuting
B-17  Payroll Periods, Deductions and Method of Payment for Payroll Related Benefits
B-18  Gifts and Expectation of Ethical Conduct
B-19  Retention and Payment of Criminal Defense Attorney for Town Employees
B-20  Conflict of Interest
B-21 Standard of Professionalism, Identification and Appropriate Dress
B-22  Cell Phone Usage
B.23  Electronic Communications
B-24 Social Media
B-25  Work Schedules and Attendance

Section C - Position Management
C-1  Job Classification Plan
C-2  Job Valuation
C-3  Position Type

Section D - Compensation
D-1  Compensation Philosophy
D-2  Salary Schedule
D-3  Hiring Salaries
D-4  Probationary Salary Increases
D-5  Merit Salary Increases
D-6  Promotional Salary Increases
D-7  Position Reclassification
D-8  Employee Transfers
D-9  Employee Demotion
D-10  Employee Re-hire
D-11  Acting Pay
D-12  Premium Pay/On-Call Pay
D-13  Salary Increase Refusal
D-14  Temporary Employees and Pay
D-15  Employee Compensation Agreements
D-16  Market Based Salary Adjustments
D-17 Departmental Reorganization
D-18 Emergency or Disaster Compensation

Section E - Fair Labor Standards Act
E-1  "Safe Harbor" - Improper or Unlawful Deductions from Pay under FLSA
E-2  Hours Worked Under FLSA (Breaks and Meal Periods)
E-3  Eligibility for Overtime Compensation under the FLSA
E-4  Dual Employment Under the FLSA
E-5  Timekeeping Standards Under the FLSA
E-6  Adjusting, Controlling, and Compensating for Overtime Under the FLSA

Section F - Leaves of Absence
F-1  Vacation Leave
F-2  Holiday Pay
F-3  Sick and Sick Family Leave & Bereavement
F-4 Town Manager's Leave
F-5  Donated Leave
F-6  Family and Medical Leave - Family and Medical Leave Act Appendix
F-7  Educational Leave with Pay
F-8  Jury Duty
F-9  Court Duty
F-10  Military Leave - Annual Reservist Training
F-11  National Guard Duty
F-12  Military Leave - Active Duty
F-13  Military Leave - Deployment in Time of War
F-14  Leave Without Pay
F-15  Leave for Parental Involvement in Schools
F-16  Travel Away from Home Community

Section G - Benefits
G-1  Benefit Philosophy and Overview
G-2  Benefits - Active Employees
G-3  Benefits - Retired Employees
G-4  Benefits - Regulatory Issues
G-5  Longevity Pay
G-6  Tuition Assistance

Section H - Employee Relations
H-1  Corrective Action
H-2  Employee Complaint Resolution
H-3  Employee Clubs
H-4  Employee Organizations
H-5  Employee Assistance Program
H-6  Substance Abuse
H-7  Critical Incident Response
H-8  Sexual Harassment
H-9 Harassment Free Workplace

Section I - Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action
I-1  Equal Employment Opportunity
I-2  Affirmative Action
I-3  Reasonable Accommodation

Section J - Employee Safety and OSHA
J-1  Safety Program
J-2  Worker's Compensation
J-3  Personal Protective Equipment and Hazard Analysis
J-4  Safety Committee
J-5  Hazardous Communication Program
J-6  Vehicle and Motorized Equipment
J-7  Smoking in the Workplace
J-8  Hearing Conservation Program
J-9  Employee Safety and Violence in the Workplace
J-10  Personal Protective Equipment - Footwear
J-11 Responding to a Violent Intruder/Active Shooter in the Workplace
J-12 Exposure Control Policy/Bloodborne Pathogens 

Section K - Medical Services
K -1  Pre-Placement Health Evaluations
K -2  Smallpox Vaccination

Section L - Performance Management
L-1  Performance Planning and Appraisal Program