Public Utilities

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The Public Utilities Department of Carolina Beach is committed to providing professional and quality service to the citizens of Carolina Beach. The Department’s mission is to operate and maintain all divisions safely, and in compliance with State and Federal Rules and Regulations.


Water and Sewer Services   

Water Distribution & Wastewater Collection Division

The Town maintains 13 wells which withdraw water from the Castle Hayne and Pee Dee aquifers.  A water treatment plant treats for iron from 2 wells prior to the water entering the distribution system.  Also, all water is chlorinated.  The Operations Department also maintains the sewage collection system including 14 lift stations.
Wastewater Treatment Division
Operates, maintains and manages the Town of Carolina Beach Waste Water Treatment Plant in order to keep the facility in compliance with its discharge permit issued by the North Carolina Division of Water Quality.  The plant has a treatment capacity of three million gallons per day and treats wastewater produced by the Town of Carolina Beach, Town of Kure Beach and Fort Fisher.

Keep Sewers Fat Free!!

The fats in the grease and oil from your kitchen mix with the other chemicals in the sewers and form nasty conglomerations of chemicals that can build up and block the pipes that take our dirty water to the wastewater treatment plant. According to a recent review, fat and oil build ups caused about 47% of the estimated 36,000 sewer overflows that happen annually in the U.S.  For more information, please visit

Keep Sewers Fat Free