Maps and GIS

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NORTH END A_Panorama

What is GIS? 

As defined by ESRI:

A geographic information system (GIS) is a framework for gathering, managing, and analyzing data. Rooted in the science of geography, GIS integrates many types of data. It analyzes spatial location and organizes layers of information into visualizations using maps and 3D scenes. With this unique capability, GIS reveals deeper insights into data, such as patterns, relationships, and situations—helping users make smarter decisions.

How does GIS help the Town of Carolina Beach?

Town staff rely on the use of GIS everyday.

  • Determine whether a property is in a flood zone
  • Determine adjacent property owners and send required mailings
  • View properties overlain on an aerial image 
  • Process Building Permits and track Business Registrations
  • Determine the location of Town Assets and to create work orders against those assets
  • Calculate area (or perimeter) of a feature

How does the general public use GIS?

If you've ever used an online map to get directions, you've used GIS! The general public uses GIS to:

  • Look at tax data for properties
  • Determine what can be built on their property
  • Create site maps to accompany building permit applications