Carolina Beach Lake Dredging Project

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The Carolina Beach Lake dredging project began the last week of March 2017, and continued throughout the summer.  The project was stopped due to the need to find additional space for placement of the spoils material.  The Town is currently exploring options for placement of the remaining material.    

This project is an essential step we have to take to manage and preserve this natural resource our community enjoys.  This area benefits the town as a scenic park that our community and visitors enjoy all year round.  It is also home and a habitat to fish and wildlife.  Finally, the lake is extremely important as a stormwater management and flood control system for the community.  Over the past decade we have and continue to meticulously work with federal and state agencies and local representatives to develop a plan to dredge the lake that is least impactful to all the stakeholders.  Once dredged CB Lake should be able to continue to serve the community at the capacities described above for many more decades.