Carolina Beach Community Church
Corner of Cape Fear Blvd. and Cape Fear Blvd.
Carolina Beach, NC 28428

Called by many the “Mother Church” of Carolina Beach, Carolina Beach Community Church began in the private vacation home of Mrs. S. C. Ogburn of Winston Salem, NC around 1930. One of the few residents of Carolina Beach, Mrs. S. C. Ogburn, described as a good woman, began opening her house on Sundays for Sunday school. First, friends and relative attended Sunday school and eventually others of various denotations came together creating a need to expand. This cause interested people to immediately join her in a cooperative effort to build a building for as Community Sunday school, in that no one denomination was sufficiently strong enough to do this alone. 

Although the exact date was not recorded, a lot was acquired on 4th and Cape Fear Blvd. and a shelter was erected. Early growth here in Sunday school work was gradual but consistent. The structure was enlarged several times within the next few years as the town’s growing population forced it. By 1937 there was a feeling that a larger, more comprehensive, and adequate church program for the community was needed. 

Around 1940 a church was built with ministers from many denotations holding services. With such great influx of people at the onset of World War II, a number of various denominations splintered off to form their own church to accommodate them. 

The Carolina Beach Community Church was formally organized as a Baptist Church in 1942. The church has continued to operate through the years and changed the name to Hope Memorial Church on September 5, 1990.

8/23/25  From: Carolina Beach Corporation                To: Pearl Moss             BK 162, pg. 557 

From: Pearl and E. V. Moss                 To: Trustees of Carolina Beach Community Church