Carolina Beach Drug Store                                                  
140 Harper Dr.
Carolina Beach, NC 28428
Built: circa. 1941
                                      New Hanover County Deed book:  
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From Application for Plaque: “Carolina Beach Drug Store was the center focal point in the community for citizens as well as tourists with a soda fountain and snack bar o accompany the pharmacy and a rooming house upstairs. Informal meetings over a cup of coffee or sandwich allowed citizens to catch up on the news or air their opinions. The bus stopped there, you could pay your light bill, and even receive medical advice from the resident pharmacist. “

From Star News Article 2/24/04:  “…The two-story stucco building, with a distinctive, castle like parapet around its roof, was much more than a drug store… for years it doubled as Carolina Beach’s bus station. During World War II, a bus stopped there daily to ferry local workers to the shipyard in Wilmington…Besides soft drinks, the drug store boasted a “complete and modern restaurant” with seafood and other entrees according to a 1948 Star-News advertisement. “