Cinderblock with stucco single family dwelling built in 1945.  Similar to other structures built in this
period, though very few remain.

Lewis – Lyerly House
208 S. 4th St.
Carolina Beach, NC 28428


                                 New Hanover County Deed book:

5/25/45   From: Cliff Lewis                                  To: L. Coe  
6/14/55  From: Arthur and Jane Brown                To: Bernard & Juanita Cruise  BK 576, pg. 51
7/20/55  From: Bernard & Juanita Cruise             To: Kenneth B. Cruise  BK 576, pg. 130
11/17/55   From: Julius and Fannie Weinburg          To: C. F. and Ophelia Cameon  BK 576, pg. 475
7/30/62   From: C. F. and Ophelia Cameon           To: A. G. and Katherine Harrill  BK 686, pg. 544
3/14/73   From: Joseph and Wanda Holder            To: A. G. and Katherine Harrill  BK 694, pg. 698
11/29/74   From: A. G. and Katherine Harrill           To: Charles and Betty Jenkins  BK 1019, pg. 104
4/13/82   From: Charles and Betty Jenkins            To: Fredericka G. Simmons  BK 1200, pg. 1589
7/8/86   From: Frederika A. SimmonsCatgo         To: Robert and Patricia Lyerly  Lot 4, Bl 80 CB