Loughlin House
1 N. Lake Park Blvd.
Carolina Beach, NC 28428

Lots 3 and 4, Block 46 – Carolina Beach

This bungalow style residence was built by A. W. Pate, president of the New Hanover Transit Company. Joseph L. Loughlin secretary of the New Hanover Transit Co. and his wife, Eleanor, owned the property from June, 1916 to November 6, 1925.

6/1/16  From: New Hanover Transit Co. and J. W. Harper    To: James and Eleanor Loughlin  
11/6/25  From: James and Eleanor Loughlin                To: S. C. Ogburn   
7/2/43  From: S. C. Ogburn                          To: H. L and Esther Britt   
4/11/46  From: H. L and Esther Britt               To: Frank and Marion Willis Collier   
9/3/48  To: June R. Meeks   
1980  From: estate of June Meeks              To: Ronald Lee Wrenn and Michael Kim Wrenn   
9/3/81  From: Ronald Lee Wrenn                                 To: Michael Kim Wrenn   
From: Michael Kim Wrenn                To: Citizens Federal Savings and Loan of Salisbury 

From: Citizens Federal Savings and Loan of Salisbury        To: Frederick and Margaret Crouch 

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