McCabe-Lancaster House
815 Carolina Beach Ave. N.
Carolina Beach, NC 28428

On June 20, 1935 Vista and Harry Lee McCabe purchased lots 8 and 18 in block 14 of Federal Point Township. According to tax records they built a home on lot 8 in 1940. The next year they sold the property to William and Estelle Upchurch. Over the next 14 years the property changed hands seven times. Luke and Jessie Lancaster bought it on April 2, 1955 and kept the property until their deaths in 1991 & 1992. In January of 2003 the Lancaster heirs sold the property to Charles and Elaine Henson.

6/20/35  Lots 8 & 18                      To: J. L and Vista McCabe  BK 350, pg. 165 
1940  Residence constructed  BK 305, pg. 227 
6/18/41  From: H. L. and Vista McCabe           To: William and Estelle Upchurch   
12/2/43  From: Estelle Upchurch                     To: Adolph and Deloris Kraus   
6/6/45  From: Adolph and Deloris Kraus        To: James W. Blackwell   
9/14/51  From: James and Stella Blackwell      To: Mrs. Alice Glover   
3/16/53  From: Alice and Sanford Glover         To: J. L. and S. W. Liggins   
6/12/53  From: Perry and Bessie Perry, S.W. and Lilly Liggins    To: Home Acres Inc.  
7/24/53  From: Home Acres Inc.                     To: W. W. and Hope Matlock   
??  From: W. W. and Hope Matlock         To: Glenn and Blanch Tucker   
4/4/55  From” Glenn and Blanch Tucker         To: L.W. and Jessie Lancaster   
1/12/03  From: Heirs of L. W. Lancaster          To: Charles and Elaine Henson   
6/23/03  From: Charles and Elaine Henson      To: Chelson Properties