Ocean Plaza Building
Was located at: 200 Carolina Beach Ave. N.
Carolina Beach, NC 28428

The Ocean Plaza building erected circa. 1946 is significant for its Are Moderne style and dominant location in the center of the Carolina Beach Business District.  Two stores covered approximately 5,000 square feet with a third story covering approximately 1,000 square feet.  One front corner was rounded. It was constructed with stucco over a double course of cement block.

Located at the north end of the Carolina Beach boardwalk it served as an entertainment center for people living in the area, as well as tourists who came to the beach in the 1940’s. Big bands played in the building when that form of entertainment was popular. Celebrities such as Bill Grassin, Bo Diddly, Chubby Checker and others. Known to the community as the birth place of the Shag dance and Beach Music.