Sly-Walton House
500 Cape Fear Blvd.
Carolina Beach, NC 28428

Monty Sly built this house for his family in 1938. His wife, himself and his two daughters lived in the downstairs area of the house and he rented out the upstairs rooms duing WW II to young wives whose husbands were in the service.  Said to be th first brick house on Carolina Beach  the Dutch colonial style has a grambril roof with flaring eaves.

 At the death of Mr. Sly’s wife Edith he sold the house to his daughter Lois Walton. Mr. Sly lived in the upstairs until his death in 1957. It remined the home of Lois Walton until her death in 2013.

From: Carolina B each Corporation               To: Edith Ludwig Sly
(lots 4/5, Block 99) 
BK 162, pg. 394 
10/29/52  From M. A. Sly                                            To:Lois Sly Walton  BK 511, ppg. 176