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GenX Testing in Carolina Beach

Over the past month the New Hanover County community has heard a lot of talk about the presence of an unregulated compound called GenX in the surface water of the Cape Fear River Basin. The study conducted by the NC State University professors and reported by The Star News are based on surface water and not ground water tests. GenX has not been found in groundwater used by the Town of Carolina Beach. The Town of Carolina Beach receives all of its drinking water from the Pee Dee and Castle Hayne groundwater aquifers.

In the past the Town of Carolina Beach has been part of many EPA authorized monitoring studies over the years in an effort to help identify and detect regulated and unregulated compounds in the Town’s water supply. In December 2014 and May 2015, the Town allowed our water to be tested by the EPA and Eurofins Eaton Analytical, Inc. for monitoring tests looking at 21 different types of chemicals including the family of chemicals related to GenX. Only 1 of the 21 compounds, Strontium resulted in a detection level at or above the testing level. Strontium is a naturally occurring element on the Periodic table and is present in most groundwater. GenX compounds were not detected in the Pee Dee or Castle Hayne groundwater aquifers used by the Town of Carolina Beach during these tests.

The Town is conducting additional tests to specifically look for traces of the compound known as GenX in our raw drinking water. As soon as results are available we will alert the public to the results.

The Town of Carolina Beach drinking water continues to meet all state and federal drinking water standards and is safe to drink. For more information about the Town of Carolina Beach drinking water please review our Water Quality Report at