Directional Drill to Ocean Across Lake Park Blvd. - Stormwater Project

During emergency weather events, when the Lake basin floods, the Town utilizes 6”pumps to help drawdown the water level and reduce the duration of flooding.  The water is typically pumped from the Lake, across Lake Park Boulevard, East up Driftwood Lane and out to the ocean front.  The new pipe will allow for pumps to be staged at the Driftwood Lane parking area and hooked into the connection point of the pipe that is pulling water directly from the Lake basin.  This will reduce response time, prevent road closures, reduce the duration of flooding and reduce the amount of inconveniences to the properties in that area.  

Sometime in the Fall 2016, the contractor will be installing, via directional drill, a 16” stormwater pipe, from the Eastern edge of the Lake basin,  along Driftwood Lane and terminating at the Driftwood Lane beach access parking area.


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