Directional Drill to Henniker's Ditch - Stormwater Project

To control stormwater flooding, the Town currently draws water down in the Lake basin through the operation of 12” pumps that lead to Henniker’s Ditch. The Town currently has one 16” force main which can handle discharge from only one of the two 12” pumps at the Lake. A new 16” force main line will allow for two pumps to operate simultaneously, which allow for quicker drawdown and improved capacity to handle runoff from heavy rains.

Starting in July 2016, the contractor will be installing a 16” stormwater force main, beginning where 3rd Street meets the Lake, continuing South along 3rd Street to Birmingham Avenue. The pipe will then continue West on Birmingham Avenue until it arrives at MOTSU property, where it will turn and terminate at the Sumter Avenue intersection with Henniker’s Ditch.  The portion of pipe along Birmingham Avenue  will be installed via directional drill. The connecting segments along 3rd Street to the Lake and between Birmingham Avenue street end and Sumter Avenue will be installed via conventional excavation construction methods.



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