Recycling/Trash Receptacles

In April 2016, the Town received approval for a grant from the NC Dept. of Environmental Assistance for 30 new “twin bin” recycling/trash receptacles for Town parks and public areas. The Town has made great strides in expanding it’s recycling program over the past several years by upgrading curbside pick-up from small bins to 90 gallon roll-out containers, adding approximately 30 double and triple sideload bins in the popular beachfront Boardwalk area, and increasing public awareness efforts. 

The emphasis is now shifting to creating parallel access at away-from-home (AFH) locations, “twinning the bin” for garbage and recycling at all public parks, sports fields, festival/special event sites, marinas and public beach access facilities, and the overall central business district. 

The bins were purchased in September 2016 and placed at the Boardwalk, Carolina Beach Lake Park, Mike Chappell Park, the Town Marina, Canal Dr. public parking lots, and Carolina Beach Ave. North and Hamlet Ave. beach accesses. 

It is estimated that this program would divert 20,250 pounds of recyclable materials (primarily PET beverage containers) away from landfill disposal per season.

For more information on this project contact Jerry Haire, Project Manager at 910-458-8380 or