Sugarloaf Mounds

This project involves development of a park on the town-owned Ryder Lewis Jr. tract off Lake Park Blvd. The “Sugarloaf Earthworks Preservation Group” is focusing on preserving and interpreting the Civil War earthen mound still intact on the site used for a Confederate defensive line.

The plan is to make the historic site accessible to the public for educational purposes, and to increase heritage tourism on Pleasure Island. To date, the volunteer group has researched and developed a paper entitled “Historical Significance of the Sugar Loaf Civil War Earthworks”, worked with Ft. Fisher staff in identifying grant funds for the project, organized volunteers for  brush clearing on the site, and conducted historical and archeological surveys for the site. The Town completed land and wetlands survey plans to serve as base mapping for plan development.  Over the past several months the Town sponsored development of a parking area and upland sections of the trail.  The site was severely impacted by Hurricane Florence with approximate 20 trees blown down.  Clean up is now complete.  Bids are due in early March for construction of the bridge and boardwalks.  Construction will hopefully begin in April - May.  Future development, subject to funding will include completion of the second boardwalk over wetland areas, educational kiosks, fencing and signage.  Town staff and the Preservation Group are continuning to seek funding from various sources for development of the site.

For more information on this project contact Jerry Haire, Project Manager at 910-458-8380 or


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