Boardwalk Improvement Committee , Ad-hoc


Establishment and Appointment.  The council or the mayor, if the mayor is delegated that power by the council, may establish and appoint members for such temporary and standing town committees and boards as are needed to help carry on the work of town government. Any specific provisions of law relating to particular committees and boards shall be followed.

Open Meetings Law. The requirements of the open meetings law shall apply to all elected or appointed authorities, boards, commissions, councils, or other bodies of the town that are composed of two or more members and that exercise or are authorized to exercise legislative, policy-making, quasi judicial, administrative, or advisory functions. However, the law's requirements shall not apply to a meeting solely among the town's profession staff.

Standing Committees

The Town Council appoints various boards to act in an advisory capacity to the Town Council, with the exception of the Board of Adjustment, which acts as a quasi-judicial board. A standing committee is an on-going committee with adopted rules and regulations. They meet at certain times and on certain days of the week as specified in the Carolina Beach Town Code and as listed on the Schedule of Public Meetings.

Ad-Hoc Committees

Ad-hoc committees are formed for a specific purpose and disband once that objective is completed. Most ad-hoc committees meet when needed and those meetings are noticed in accordance with the special meetings law, unless a regular meeting date, time, and place is predetermined and listed on the town's schedule of public meetings.