Parks and Recreation Committee



Sec. 11-16. Created.

There is hereby created a committee to be known as the recreation committee of the town.

(Code 1977, § 2-7001)

Sec. 11-17. Composition; term.

The recreation committee shall be composed of eleven (11) members at large for staggered terms for a period of three (3) years to be appointed by the town council. All members shall be citizens and reside within the corporate limits of the Town of Carolina Beach.

(Code 1977, § 2-7002; Ord. No. 90-264, 4-10-90; Ord. No. 08-747, 7-7-08)

Sec. 11-18. Organization.

The recreation committee shall appoint from its membership a chairman and such other officers as it may deem necessary for the orderly procedure of its business and may adopt bylaws, rules, and regulations covering its procedure not inconsistent with the provisions of state laws. The recreation committee shall hold regular meetings at such times and places as it may designate.

(Code 1977, § 2-7003)

Sec. 11-19. Function.

The recreation committee shall from time to time recommend to the council such rules and regulations as may be feasible for providing, maintaining, operating, and supervising the public parks and playgrounds, athletic fields, and recreation centers and recreational facilities owned or controlled by the town. The recreation committee shall supervise all activities provided and conducted on or in connection with the parks, playgrounds, athletic fields, and recreation centers provided, and shall have the power to conduct any form of recreational or cultural activity.

(Code 1977, § 2-7004)

Sec. 11-20. Duties refunds.

(a)    Grants, gifts, etc. The recreation committee may accept any grant, gift, bequest, or donation of any personal property offered or made for recreational purposes and, with the approval of the town council, may accept any grant, gift, or devise of real estate. Any gift, bequest of money or other personal property, grant, or devise of real estate shall be held, used, and finally disposed of in accordance with the terms or conditions under which such grant, gift, or devise is made and accepted.

(b)   Incurring debt. The recreation committee shall have no authority to enter into any contract or incur any obligation binding upon the town other than current obligations or contracts to be fully executed within the then-current fiscal year, and all within the budget appropriations made by the town council.

(Code 1966, § 2-7005)

Sec. 11-21. Reports to council.

The recreation committee shall make full and complete reports to the town council at such times as may be requested and at such other times as to the council may deem proper. The fiscal year of the committee shall conform to that of the town.

(Code 1977, § 2-7008)

Secs. 11-22—11-34. Reserved.



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State Law reference— Administration of parks and recreation programs, G.S. § 160A-354. (Back)