Police Advisory Committee



Sec. 13-62. Establishment.

There is hereby created and established the Police Advisory Committee of the Town of Carolina Beach comprised of nine (9) members and one (1) official or member of the Carolina Beach Police Department to serve as an ex-officio member, and (1) alternate member to serve in the absence of a regular member, shall be appointed by the town council, who shall serve in accordance with the directive of the town council. All members shall be citizens and reside within the corporate limits of the Town of Carolina Beach, with the exception of the ex-officio member or any person needed to fulfill local, state and federal requirements. There shall be representation from a cross-section of all town citizenry. The police advisory committee is established under the authority of Carolina Beach Town Council, adopted November 13, 2001.

(Ord. No. 09-787, 5-12-09; Ord. No. 10-854, 12-14-10)

Sec. 13-63. Purpose.

The purpose of the committee is to provide and organized forum for two-way communication between the Carolina Beach Police Department and the community. This shall include:

(1)    Where appropriate, make recommendations to the town council and police department on substantive policy issues, with the goal of improved police services. For the purpose of this article, "substantive" issues will be defined as matters of major or practical important to all concerned. It shall not include personnel issues involving individual officers or daily police operational enforcement and implementation.

(2)    Assist in identifying potential police—Community partnerships to address public safety related issues within the community.

(3)    Identify community resources and support for public safety activities (such as parking, lifeguards and marina); and give input to the town council and the police department regarding perceived effectiveness.

(4)    Receive information and comments from citizens at the committee's open and public meeting forum regarding public safety issues.

(5)    Make reports to the town council at such times as may be requested by the council or deemed necessary.

(Ord. No. 09-787, 5-12-09)

Sec. 13-64. Membership.

Membership shall be appointed for three-year terms. All subsequent appointments, except to fill a vacancy, shall be for three-year terms. A vacancy is created upon the death or resignation, in writing, to the committee chairman. Members of the committee shall serve without pay and at the discretion of the town council. The Carolina Beach Police Chief, or his designee, shall serve as the administrator advisor and ex-officio member in assisting this committee.

(Ord. No. 09-787, 5-12-09)

Sec. 13-65. Organization of the police advisory committee.

The committee will meet and elect a chairperson and a vice chairperson. The chairperson shall serve a two-year term. The chairperson shall be counted to determine a quorum (five (5) members) and shall have one (1) vote, as other members.

The vice chairman shall serve a two-year term. The vice chairperson shall be chairperson upon the death or resignation of the chairperson or upon the office of the chairperson becoming vacant. The vice chairperson shall discharge the powers of the office of the chairperson at any meeting at which the chairperson is absent. The vice chairperson shall be counted to determine a quorum and shall have one (1) vote as other members.

The ex-officio member of the committee is a nonvoting member and shall serve in an advisory capacity to the committee.

The duties of a secretary response for recording meeting minutes shall be rotated sequentially amongst the committee's membership for each monthly meeting. The chairperson shall be excluded from this responsibility. A roster for monthly secretarial duties shall be established by the committee.

A quorum of five (5) members shall be necessary to take any official action authorized or required by this article. An issue shall carry by a majority of those voting.

Any expired terms and/or vacancies shall be properly advertised. The committee may review all applications and make a recommendation to the town council in order to fill its membership. The town council shall make all appointments to fill expired terms and/or vacancies. The town council may revoke any member for misconduct or nonperformance of duty.

The committee may adopted and amend from time to time rules to govern the conduct of its administrative business, consistent with the provision of this article.

(Ord. No. 09-787, 5-12-09; Ord. No. 10-854, 12-14-10)

Sec. 13-66. Meetings.

Meetings of the Carolina Beach Police Advisory Committee shall be held on the first Monday monthly at 7:00 p.m. at the Carolina Beach Police Department or as otherwise properly noticed and arranged. Prior notice of any change in meeting date, time and place shall be provided to all members and the administrative staff one (1) week in advance of said meeting.

All regularly scheduled meetings will have an agenda approved by the chairperson.

(Ord. No. 09-787, 5-12-09)



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Editor's note— Ord. No. 09-787, adopted May 12, 2009, repealed the former Art. III, §§ 13-62—13-66, and enacted a new Art. III as set out herein. The former Art. III pertained to similar subject matter and derived from Ord. No. 01-490, 11-13-01; Ord. No. 08-747, 7-7-08. (Back)