Code Enforcement

The Code Compliance Process

  1. The Code Enforcement Process is first initiated when the Code Enforcement Officer notices a violation or recieves and confirms a complaint. If at all possible the property owner is first contacted by telephone or a visit and made aware of the violation.
  2. If the property owner is unable to be reached by telephone or a visit, the Notice of Violation is sent by mail. In this letter, the specific violation(s) are explained and the property owner is given 15 days to comply.
  3. If the property owner is still non-compliant after the 15 day period, the Notice of Penalty ($50.00) is issued and mailed out. The letter explains that the violation must be corrected immediately to prevent further penalties of ($50.00) a day per violation and that unpaid charges may result in legal action.
  4. If the violation still exists, the third and Final Notice is sent  and represents 14 days of non-compliance for a total of $700, including previous unpaid citations.
  5. After the Final Notice, all papers will be sent to the Town Attorney who will pursure further legal action.