Crime Prevention & Safety

Welcome to Pleasure Island!

              Carolina Beach Police Department and Kure Beach Police Department number one priority is the safety and security of every citizen that lives and visits our wonderful island.  To help maintain your safety and security we would like to provide some helpful hints for a safe and happy vacation:

  •  Unlocked vehicles and unlocked beach houses are the major areas where crime occurs.  No matter how long you will be away from your vehicle or house, please lock it.
  •  Store all valuable items in your trunk. (GPS, Purses, Souvenirs)
  •  Pick-up truck owners: never leave anything in the bed of your truck, especially overnight.
  •  Never leave surfboards, fishing equipment, grills, chairs, bikes or any other items of value outside of a beach house unsecured.
  •  Do not take valuable items to the beach strand (purses, electronics, jewelry, etc.) that could be removed if left unattended.
  •  Visitors to Freeman Park, the above tips are still helpful.  Keep all valuable items securely in your vehicle, especially when camping.

              We are always looking for ways to improve your vacation and your input is appreciated.  May you come often, stay as long as you like and have many happy returns.