Events and Special Business Allowances


 Beach Services Permits are intended to grant permission to three annual permit holders to provide the rental of beach chairs, umbrellas, surfboards, body boards and cabana tents to patrons of the municipal beach strand.  The intent is to allow a limited number of vendors the ability to provide services to patrons on the beach without over commercializing the beach and taking away from the quite enjoyment of our natural resources.

-  Beach Services – The authorized and permitted rental of beach chairs, umbrellas, surfboards, body boards and cabana tents on the municipal beach strand.

-  Municipal  Beach Strand – The area of the public beach within the town limits of the Town of Carolina Beach.  The northern most boundary of the municipal beach strand is approximately 1,000 feet north of the pier at the intersection of Carolina Beach Avenue      North and Salt Marsh Lane.  Signs  are posted designating the limits of Freeman Park to the north and the  Municipal Beach Strand to the south.  The boundary line is a line running east and west from the ocean toward Myrtle Grove Sound in direct line with the end of the Hatteras Ramp leading into Freeman Park.

-  Permit Application Requirements - Town Council will allow three permits for beach  services to be issued each year.  Only complete application packages meeting all criteria of the  ordinance shall be accepted for a beach services permit.  Below are the five criteria required for  a complete application package:

A.   Permit Application Form – application form must be filled out completely and signed by the Applicant.
     1.  Applicant Name is the full legal name the owner or officer of the business requesting the permit.
B.   Business Plan Letter - The applicant must provide a letter describing in detail all activities, monies and other arrangements proposed by the applicant.  The letter must contain the following:
     1.  Location of primary business;
     2.  List of proposed services to be provided as a Beach Services Vendor; (Including amount of inventory for each type of
     3.  Hours of Operation, (Including hours of setup and removal of equipment);
     4.  List of location requested for storage on the beach;
     5.  Process for performing financial transactions on the beach;
     6.  Request for ATV allowance (if applicable).
C.   Liability Insurance – Applicant shall acquire and maintain liability insurance naming the town as an additional insured entity for not less than $1,000,000. (Copy must be provided)
D.   Hold Harmless Agreement – The applicant shall submit a notarized agreement holding the town harmless with regard to any theft, loss, damage or injury as a result of the permittees operation and storage of material on the beach.
E.    Payment of Fee – The applicant is required to pay permit fee established in annual rate and fee schedule adopted by Town Council

General Rules
A.  A maximum of three beach services permits shall be authorized by the town annually.
B.  Beach services activities shall be operated from a primary business location in the central business district.  The beach services
     shall be owned and operated by the owners of the business.  No subletting of permits is allowed.
C. The primary business shall have been open and operational prior to obtaining a beach services permit.  No beach services permit 
     application shall be accepted for a proposed business location.
D. The beach services activities shall also be available at the primary business location at all times that rentals are available on the
     beach. Hours of operation shall be limited to the time between sunrise and sunset each day.  Primary business does not have to be 
     open for business until 8:00 am.  Set up and delivery of the day’s rental may take place starting at sunrise.
E.  Items should be for transient delivery only and not displayed for rent or have any advertisement on the beach strand.
F.  Beach services operators shall not solicit beach patrons verbally or in an aggressive manner to rent items.

 Permit Issuance Rules
ANew and existing beach services applicants must submit a request for a permit or permit renewal on or before the close of business
     on March 1st of each calendar year.
B.  Beach services permits are issued for a duration of 1 year, from March 31st to March 30th.
C.  Existing beach services applicants will receive advanced consideration for permit renewal, if the applicant was in good standing with
     the town and complied with the administrative rules and regulation of the beach services permit during the previous year.
D.  All new beach services applications shall be considered in the order in which a complete application was accepted by the town.
E.  All permit holders must keep a log of their beach services rental activities, (including date, total inventory rented, time started and
     time stopped.  This log shall be available for inspection by the Town Manager upon request and at time of permit renewal.
F.  Existing beach services permit holders must rent services on at least 50 percent of days between June 1 and August 31st to be
     considered for a permit renewal.
G.  Only rental of beach chairs, umbrellas, surfboards, body boards and cabana tents are authorized.

 Storage Rules
A.  Applicant shall have access to sufficient storage space in the central business district for the storage of inventory, equipment and
     vehicles used in the beach services operation.
B  Storage of rental equipment products will only be allowed beginning April 1st and ending on September 30th and is subject to other
     tate and federal regulations.
C.  No more than three storage area locations per beach services permit.
D.  Storage location will consist of no more than one 4 x 4 wood post per storage area.  The post shall be located at the toe of the dune
     and outside of the emergency lane.
E.  The Town Manager may, at any time and for any reason, suspend the right to store material on the public beach.  At the direction of
    the Town Manager, the chairs and umbrellas shall be removed or moved to another location on the beach strand within 24 hours of
    verbal or written notice.

Set up and Delivery Rules
A.  No beach services equipment may be set up within 25 feet of a public or private beach access or lifeguard stand.
B.  No beach services equipment may be set up within the emergency access lane.  The emergency access lane runs parallel to the 
     dunes and encompasses the area from the toe of the dune out 12 feet toward the ocean.

 ATV or UTV Rules
A.  Any all-terrain vehicle must be of a similar type used by the Town of Carolina Beach staff, and shall satisfy all OSHA and EPA
     equirements regarding emissions, noise, and impact to the beach.
B.  No more than two ATV’s will be allowed per permit.
C.  Drivers of ATV’s shall be 18 years of age or older, properly licensed and trained to operate said vehicle in a manner consistent with
     stablished rules.
D.  Speed limit for ATV’s is 10 miles per hour.
E.  ATV’s must drive to and from clients in the emergency access lane.  No stopping or parking in the emergency access lane.  No
     weaving through or around beach patrons.
F.  ATV’s are strictly prohibited from driving below the high water mark on the beach.
G.  Access to the beach by an ATV shall be limited to Ocean Boulevard, Hamlet Avenue, and Starfish Lane.
H.  Beach Services ATV’s can travel to and from the approved access point on the following streets only: Cape Fear Avenue, Canal
     Drive, Carolina Beach Avenue North and South, and Lake Park Boulevard.
I.  ATV’s are not permitted to cross beach closure area (Example: In front of the Boardwalk after 5:30 pm on Thursday or Friday
    Fireworks nights between May and September.

-  The Applicant must fill out all forms and provide all required documents and fees listed under Organizational Rules 5.1 Permit Application Requirements to the Planning Department by March 1st of each calendar year.
-  The Town Manager will review all forms and documents to determine if application package is complete.  If complete the Town Manager will accept and sign the permit application.
-  The Town Manager will review previous permits for violation of the rules under the Organizational Rules 5.2 – 5.7 for compliance with previous permit.  If existing permit holder is in good standing with the town and a renewal permit may be awarded.  All new beach services applications shall be considered in the order in which a complete application was accepted by the town.
-   All approved permits will be issued by March 31st each calendar year.