Events and Special Business Allowances


Purpose and Intent

It is the intent of the Town Council of the Town of Carolina Beach to protect public interest, safety and welfare and, to that end, the purposes are specifically declared to be as follows: 

  1. To promote economic development while minimizing the negative impacts that signs may have on the visual appearance of the Town; and
  2. To provide orientation and guidance to our tourists and visitors and identification of public areas, natural resources, historical and cultural landmarks and places of interest  and in so doing reduce confusing, traffic congestion and air pollution; and
  3. To inform and educate visitors and residents of opportunities and events both commercial  and noncommercial occurring on Pleasure Island; and
  4. To permit and regulate signs in such a way as to support and compliment land use objectives; and
  5. It is not the purpose or intent of this ordinance to regulate signage displayed for special occasions not associated with a business (i.e. balloons for birthday parties or birth of a baby, etc.).