Events and Special Business Allowances



 -  No performer shall perform except after the issuance of a permit by the town manager or his/her designee.  The permit shall be displayed at all times while performing. 

No performer shall engage in any activity that can cause bodily injury to any person. No electrical equipment shall be permitted. 

Street performing is only allowed from 10am to 10pm in a designated area as provided on the permit. 

Permits are issued for locations and times on a first come first serve basis.  To avoid conflicting performances, a performer will not be issued a permit for a time and/or location that have already been designated to another performer.           

Performers shall maintain compliance with the noise ordinance.  

-  Performers shall not solicit pedestrians in an aggressive manner. 

-  A performer or associated crowds shall not block or obstruct the free movement of pedestrians or vehicle. 

-  A performer shall not perform in any area in which an authorized festival or an official event is underway unless the performer made an arrangement with the organizer or manager of the festival or event.           

-  Performers shall not utilize signage in conjunction with their performance. 

-  Performers under the age of 18 shall be exempt from paying fees.  Performers 18 or older shall be charged fifteen (15) dollars for a permit. 

-  Any performer is liable for any damages or injury to the public or property resulting from his/her activities. The performer shall defend, indemnify and hold the Town, its officials and employees harmless, against any and all liability, loss, cost, damages or expenses incurred by the Town in connection with any performance of the performer. The Town may require the performer as a condition of a permit to obtain liability insurance for bodily injury and property damage in connection with performance, the coverage being in an amount and specifying such terms required by the Town. The Town may require that the liability insurance policy name the Town as an additional insured.  

-  The granting of a permit may substantially harm the public safety and welfare or substantially impair the value of adjacent properties. 

- The town may revoke any permit issued pursuant to this section if any authorized town official determines that a performer is in willful or reckless violation of any provision of this section, or any term of the permit, or in violation of any other applicable ordinance or law, or any permit violation brought to the the performer’s attention by the Town is not corrected immediately after a warning.