Events and Special Business Allowances


Permit issuance.

 All permits shall be reviewed and issued by the department of planning and development.

Existing vendors shall submit a request for permit renewal on or before March 1st of each year. All vending permits shall expire on March 31st of the following year.  Existing vendors shall be required to update thier original submittal with any changes that have occurred since their last approval.

New vendors shall be issued permits during the period between March 1st and March 31st of each calendar year unless a permit is or becomes available during the year. Vendors will be put on a waiting list and will be considered in the order in which a complete application was accepted by the town, the waiting list shall start over each calendar year in January.  

Permit to vend. The town shall provide application forms for vending. No vending operations shall begin until the applicant (1) addresses each condition, (2) signs a permit binding them to these conditions