Fraud & Identity Theft


Use caution when selling, buying or renting items from Craigslist.  Verify the place exists prior to renting.  If the offer sounds too good to be true it probably is.

Never give out your personal information or bank information over email, phone, etc to an unknown person without verifying their identity.

National Consumer’s League Fraud Center. Good site for information about fraud, scams, etc.

National Fraud Information Center - Links for elderly fraud, telemarketing fraud, internet fraud with online complaint form.

Fraud prevention information including fraud tests, videos, and preventions tips.

Privacy Rights Clearinghouse for consumer information with link for ID Theft victims.  

Federal Trade Commission website complaint page. 

North Carolina Attorney General’s website page for ID theft.

You should check your credit report annually, to obtain a free report go to Annual Credit Report.

Have the latest fraud scams emailed to you through the NC Attorney General's office.