Residential & Business Burglaries

Residential: By leaving garage doors open, residents take the unnecessary and much avoidable risk of losing valuable items. Tools, golf clubs, unlocked vehicles and bicycles are left in clear view to criminals. By simply closing and securing your garage door you eliminate the risk of being an easy target.
                       1) Keep your garage door closed in the evening and at night.
                       2) Lock your doors and windows when you are not home or when you are home for the evening.
                       3) If you have a residential alarm, use it.
                       4) If you plan to be out of town for vacation sign up for the vacation house watch program.
                       5) Keep an eye out for suspicious or unusual activity.
                       6) Call 911 immediately if you witness a crime or something suspicious.

Business: By leaving back doors storage room access doors open could leave you at risk to be a victim of a burglary. Make sure all doors and windows are secure in your business before closing for the day.  Don't keep large sums of money in your safe and don't leave the combination written down. Have approved authorized personnel that have access to the safe.  Ensure the alarm system and security camera system are functioning properly.