Refuse and Recycling Services


Recycling is included in the monthly residential rate for refuse pick up of $18.90 a month,
but recycling is biweekly, either Monday or Tuesday depending on your normal trash day. 
CLICK HERE for a  2107 calendar of the biweekly recycling schedule.
CLICK HERE for a  2018 calendar of the biweekly recycling schedule.
You may also pick up a copy of the recycling schedule at Town Hall.

Click on the links below to view which week your street is scheduled for pickup:

Monday A Week               Tuesday A Week               Monday B Week               Tuesday B Week


Items accepted for recycling:
*metal containers for soup, vegetables, pet food etc.   
*Aluminum drink cans

*Corrugated Cardboard
*Shoe Boxes
*Cereal/Food paperboard boxes 
*Soft Drink/Beer paperboard boxes

*Glass bottles and jars (remove lids and rinse)
*Clear/Brown/Blue/Green Glass

Mixed Paper:                
*Office Paper/Junk Mail/Envelopes
*Paper Bags/Craft Paper/Wrapping Paper
*Phone Books/Soft Cover Books

*Newspapers and inserts

*Milk Jugs
*Soda/Water Bottles
*Detergent Bottles, etc.

Items NOT ACCEPTED for recycling
No bagged material: newspaper can be placed in a paper bag
No waxed boxes, waxed bags or waxed paper
No hard cover books
No dark colored paper or file folders
No mirrors, window or auto glass
No light bulbs, ceramics or coat hangers
No antifreeze containers or paint cans
No Plastic Medical Waste or plastic that has come in contact with petroleum or hazardous waste
No Styrofoam of any kind
No plastic bags – Return them to a grocery store that offers plastic bag recycling                      

Please do not put overflow recyclables at the side of your cart for pickup. If you have overflow, take it to the NHC Recycle Center at the Moose Lodge on Carolina Beach Road. Directions: At the intersection of Carolina Beach and College Roads (Monkey Junction), turn left. The Moose Lodge is about ½ mile ahead on the left.


If the trash or recycling cart is broken, damaged or missing, please contact the Town of Carolina Beach at 910-458-2983 or 910-458-4821 to request a new trash or recycling cart.