Refuse and Recycling Services

Yard Waste Removal 


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The Town of Carolina Beach will remove yard waste free of charge from the illustrated zones during the designated time periods. (Please click link above for map and schedule.) No call in for yard waste removal is needed for this scheduled pickup. Debris must be placed curbside on the Sunday night prior to your designated week. Once Operations has begun picking up in the designated zone, there will be no additional pickup available until the following month, Special pickups are available upon request for an additional charge.

Branches need to be in 4' bundles with no limbs larger than 6" in diameter. Small debris, such as leaves, should be paper bagged. If yard debris is bagged in plastic bags, they will be considered household debris and will have a $30.00 charge per bag. Each bundle or paper bag must weigh less than 50 lbs. 
The town often uses a backhoe to pick up large piles. Care should be taken not to place the debris pile over meter boxes, cable boxes, phone boxes, manholes, etc. 

The free monthly yard waste removal is for a pickup truck load or less. Charges will be applied for any debris over one pick up truck load per month. Charges will be charged to your water/sewer bill. Any debris left curbside after pickup has occurred during the designated week, or during non-designated weeks, will be subject to a charge.

Yard Debris Charges:
Dump Truck Load:  $105.00
Pickup Truck Load of Brush or Debris:  $60.00
Anything less than Pickup Truck Load of Brush or Debris:  $40.00