Overnight Camping at Freeman Park


Effective January 1, 2020, the following changes will take effect related to overnight camping in Freeman Park:


  • Overnight camping will only be allowed Labor Day through the Thursday before Memorial Day. No overnight camping be allowed the Friday before Memorial Day through the Sunday before Labor Day.
  • Overnight camping will only be allowed in designated, reserved camp sites.
  • Overnight camping will cost $50 per night




Unfortunately, the effects of tides and erosion still exist, and the northern areas of Freeman Park remain closed to all vehicular traffic. Intermittent closures could still be possible based on limited beach area and level of patron use.  Public safety staff will perform assessments regularly to determine when additional sections of the park can safely be opened, or if additional closures are required. 


Also, until further notice, the following limitations have been set:


1.  Camping will be limited to designated spaces south of the closure area. 
2.  No vehicles are allowed past marked closures. Anyone driving past a designated closure will be issued a citation. Visitors of the park may still walk past closure points.
3.  No vehicle shall operate or park in the tidal zone (wet sand area).
4.  Intermittent closures are anticipated to occur due to limited beach area and level of patron use.
5.  Pending increased tidal surges, access to Freeman Park may result in additional restrictions and closures.


 For the latest updates on Freeman Park entrance restrictions, please visit the Town of Carolina Beach Facebook page or web site.




Overnight camping is only allowed in designated, reserved camp sites Labor Day through the Thursday before Memorial Day each year.  Reservations are on a first come/first service basis.  During this period, there is a $50.00 per night fee for a campsite permit. 

NO OVERNIGHT CAMPING is allowed the Friday before Memorial day through the Sunday before Labor Day.

Visitors and campers driving 4-wheel drive vehicles must have a valid Freeman Park access pass at all times to enter the park (can be purchased online or in person at entrance to park).Camping permits can only be purchased on-line.  CLICK HERE to make camp site reservations.


  • No vehicles or equipment may be stationed within ten (10) feet of the sand dune fencing.
  • Walking or driving on the sand dunes is strictly prohibited. Park privileges may be revoked or a civil citation issued for any violation.
  • All vehicles, campfires, and camping equipment must remain within the bounds of the campsite at all times and must not block the travel lane.  See below for additional information about campfires.
  • Glass containers are strictly prohibited.  It is illegal to possess spirituous liquor and or fortified wine per NC General Statute 18B-301.
  • Trash must be removed by all visitors.  A Pack It In, Pack It Out policy is in place.  Failure to clean and remove all trash and personal items from campsite will result in a civil citation.  See below for additional information.
  • Tents and camping equipment must not be left unattended in a campsite beyond the reservation period.  Day tents, canopies, other similar devices, and camping equipment that are left unattended may be removed from the park by the Town of Carolina Beach without notice.
  • Dogs must be on a leash April 1st through September 30th.  All owners are responsible for cleaning up after their animal.  Please see below for additional details.
  • Only normal camping and beach furniture will be allowed onto Freeman Park. No commonly known household furniture such as couches, chairs, non-inflatable mattress, box springs, etc. are permitted.
  • As a courtesy to other campers, please observe the campground quiet hours. Quiet hours are from 11:00 pm until 7:00 am.
  • Do not attempt to remove or adjust the campsite boundaries markers for any reason.
  • No concealed weapons without a valid North Carolina concealed handgun permit.  NC General Statute 14-415.23 and NC general Statute 14-415.11(C2) shall be enforced.
  • Fireworks are not permit at any time.
  • Camping or sleeping in a vehicle for more than fourteen (14) consecutive days is not allowed. 


  • Small campfires are allowed Oceanside at Freeman Park starting at Marker 4 and extending north to the end of the park.  Campfires must be contained within fire containers no greater than 3 feet wide.
  • Small campfires are allowed in campsites but must be contained within a fire pit or container that may not exceed three (3) feet in diameter. Fire pits are not provided.  Visitors must bring in and removed fire pits following its use.  
  • No campfires are allowed within 10 feet of the dune or vegetation line.
  • Fires may not be left unattended and must be extinguished with water, not sand.  Only natural firewood can be burned.  Burning trash, shipping pallets, or construction material is not allowed.
  • All fire remains and debris must be picked up and placed in park provided ASH CANS or removed from the beach. Failure to do so will result in a fine.
  • Camping privileges can be revoked for failure to follow any campfire rules or regulations.


  • Dogs are allowed in Freeman Park ON A LEASH between April 1st and September 30th.
  • Dogs are allowed in Freeman Park OFF LEASH between October 1st and March 31st so long as they remain under voice command and the owner is within reasonable distance of the pet.
  • The owner(s) of a dog(s) who harm or cause offenses or damages to the public or deposits waste upon public land or property will be held responsible for such action and must immediately clean up the waste.
  • Dog owners must carry a minimum of two plastic bags, or other suitable plastic or paper containers that can be used to clean up and contain dog waste until it can be disposed of in an appropriate container.  The bags must be produced and shown upon request.


Freeman Park is a Trash Free park.  Blue trash cans are provided along the beach strand to encourage visitors to pick up trash when it is seen and help us keep the beach clean.  All visitors are expected to carry out the refuse they generate and dispose of it properly at home or at another appropriate destination.  In order to help visitors to remove their refuse the Town of Carolina Beach Freeman Park Attendants will hand out free trash bags at the entrance to the park and throughout the camping area.  By encouraging all visitors to bring out what they bring in we are helping to maintain the beach, protect the environmental resources; including birds, fish and turtles, reduce solid waste in the park, and embracing the ideas of reduce, reuse, and recycle.  We all must working together to address trash and littler in Freeman Park to ensure its sustainability for years to come.

We hope all visitors will plan ahead but trash bags are available from the entrance gate attendant and campground staff.  If unable to remove trash bags from the park we ask that they be placed in the blue trash cans, not beside them, or deposited into the trash trailers located on the sand at the exit of the park.  Please speak with a park attendant if you have any questions or need any additional information.    

Reservations may be canceled up to 48 hours in advance of the check in date and all refunds will be subject to a transaction fee.  No refunds will be given if cancellation is made within 48 hours of reservation.

If you have any questions or need any additional information about Freeman Park or the Town’s parking program please feel free to contact the Town of Carolina Beach Parking Office.

The Town of Carolina Beach Parking Office
1204 N. Lake Park Blvd. Suite D
Carolina Beach, NC 28428