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Island Greenway

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The Island Greenway System is a network of off-street trails, parks and scenic areas linked together with designated bike/pedestrian routes on our existing streets. The routes have been chosen for their safety, beauty and convenience.

Use the map below to plan a fun and safe route for biking, walking, jogging, or whatever you like to do…

bike route map_thin border

Local Bike and Pedestrian Laws

Bike Laws

· Bikes are motorized vehicles.
      - You must obey all traffic control signals and signs (Just like cars.)
      - You must walk your bike in a crosswalk to be considered a pedestrian.

· Bikes must have a light when ridden at night.

· Bikes should not be ridden on sidewalks, except:

            - Along Lake Park Blvd
            - In the Boardwalk commercial area

· Bikes should not be ridden on the wooden oceanfront boardwalk.
      - You may walk your bike on the boardwalk

· Children 15 and under must wear a helmet.

Pedestrian Laws

· Pedestrians must obey all traffic control signals.

· Pedestrians must yield to vehicles when in the road except when in a crosswalk.

· Pedestrians must use the sidewalk if one is available.

            - If no sidewalk, pedestrians should walk on the left side of the road, facing traffic.

· Pedestrians must cross roads at right angles when possible.