Wildlife in Carolina Beach

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Co-existing with wildlife in Carolina Beach:

An abundance of wildlife can be found in Carolina Beach and on Pleasure Island.  Most of us are accustomed to regularly seeing squirrels, geese, and the ever-present seagulls. However, sometimes we encounter other native species like coyotes, alligators, and more.  There have even been rare sightings of bears at times.

To co-exist with the local wildlife, take preventative action to avoid precautions can be takenSome general tips for co-existing with the local wildlife are listed belowAvoid feeding wild animals, securely store your garbage, and feed pets indoors toavoid attracting unwanted visitors. Fence in your garden, and plant unpalatable vegetation to discourage browsing. Be prepared – Before camping, hiking, or venturing into natural areas, learn about the animals that you might encounter.

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